Somebody wake Granny D
Matt Welch has an absolutely terrific column on CFR at Reason.com, with just the right hook – how it might affect THE liberal environmental group.

If politically active 527s are treated like political parties, as McCain wants, people completely uninvolved with the lawmaking and campaign fund raising process likely would be judged by McCain-Feingold’s “federal election activity” standard designed for political parties, even though the groups are incapable of the quid pro quo corruption the original campaign finance laws were designed to combat. Independent advocacy, which was singled out for protection by Buckley, would suffer a devastating blow.

“It would be huge,” Smith says. “It would wipe out groups all across the country that have engaged in issue discussion over the years and engaged in political activity.”

Read it all and complain to your congressman. Because mine is a piece of shit.

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