A blockbuster documentary?
Everyone’s expecting Fahrenheit 9/11 to be the most successful documentary of all time, and some experts are predicting even more. Box Office Mojo, which collates ticket sales from around the world, is predicting that Fahrenheit will be the biggest movie of the weekend. If that happens, it will set a number of records:

– the biggest debut for a documentary, ever
– the first documentary to debut at #1, ever
– the biggest underdog victory ever, in terms of screens – Fahrenheit will be on 868 screens, compared to 2,726 for the weekend’s biggest studio picture, White Chicks. Overall, Moore’s movie will only rank 13th in terms of theatres showing the movie.

Even less optimistic watchers are expecting Fahrenheit to have the biggest debut of any documentary, ever. Box Office Prophets predicts a #2 debut and $19.5 million gross. Box Office Guru predicts a big opening for the Wayans (eeergh) but a $15 million Fahrenheit debut.

I personally think White Chicks will win the weekend, because Satan maintains a firm grip on this earth, but Fahrenheit will get all the headlines. On Wednesday it made $83,922 on two screens. The average blockbuster, on its first weekend, makes $8,000 to $10,000 per screen. So this is really going to be historic.

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