I’ve held off on hyping the columns I wrote for NU’s daily newspaper, mostly for reasons of tact. It seemed gauche. But since they published my final column, here are links to the stuff I wrote in Spring quarter.

– my introduction
– on Chicago’s RedEye newspaper (see also: an editorial apology for my existence)
– on why rich college kids drink like poor college kids
– on the joy of ignoring student government
– on Alexandra Robbins’ book “Pledged” and NU
– on a push to expand ethnic studies
– on selling out to Hollywood
– (in place of my column on mental health – not on the website – another editoial riposte toward me)
– on why college students shouldn’t feel guilty about sitting out of elections
– on how the real world kicks college’s ass

Many thanks to Jesse Abrams-Morley and Jaime Griesgraber for a fun and enlighting quarter in the newsroom.

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