An oldie but goodie
I finally met the talented Jeremy Lott last night, and had the dust shaken off my memory of one of the more amusing blogwars of recent times. A brief guide:

1.)Read this.
2.)Now this.
3.)Ready? Now this.
4.)OK. Now this.
5.)*deep breath* Now this.
7.)Now this.
8.)Ha ha! Now this.
9.)Also, this.
10.)And: Scene!

As my boss would say … Thoughts as I sit at home with my blinds drawn:
– Blogwars are funny, yet usually pointless. What did anyone learn from the public ego-bruising of Rich Lowry? Did the imminent nuking of Mecca fade from the list of possibilities? Nah, never existed. And we could have guessed that there were dumb people out there who want to nuke things.
– Rich Lowry bruises easily, but not as easily as Jonah “Matthew Yglesias made a short comment disparaging one of my web columns, thus I must respond with 500 words” Goldberg.
– Seriously, nuclear weapons should never be used, in any circumstances, ever. Except one.

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