Rare society blogging
For the third consecutive night I drove into DC, and for the third consecutive night I survived. Keep in mind, driving into the city from work is actually quite direct, and only – in theory – a 10-minute detour from my route home. But since I finished work early, I crashed right into the Thursday rush hour and spent 65 minutes getting across 8 miles of Virginia into the city.

Oh, yeah – then I parked. It took a solid 15 minutes of stopping, starting, and circling before I could slide into a space on the side of M St. The process was so stressful that I forgot where I actually had parked, which became slightly humiliating when I offered a ride to a journalist I really respected, then couldn’t find the car.

But that gets ahead of my point. I was in town, again, to take advantage of the America’s Future Foundation‘s monthly happy hour. It provided my first real chance to interact with journalists I’ve read from afar with various degrees of awe. I will refrain from using their names in the chance David Brock is reading this to extrapolate a new conspiracy.

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