Movie moments II
Part one is here.

90.Charles W. Kingsfield Jr’s first lecture in “The Paper Chase.” (1973) The brilliant, warmly menacing professor opens his classroom sheet, calls on a person at random, and asks him to state the facts of a case. He grills Timothy Bottoms so bad that he runs outside and pukes.

89.“We’re gonna need a bigger boat” from “Jaws.” (1976) “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

88.Peter learns to be a gangsta in “Office Space.” (1999) Peter (Ron Livingston), newly hypnotized, learns to dick around at work to the soundtrack of “Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta” by Geto Boys. He finishes by gutting a fish. On his desk.

87.Nigel talks guitars in “Spinal Tap.” (1984) Yeah, this is the “goes up to 11” scene, but it also contains footage of Nigel (Christopher Guest) playing his guitar, and then a guitar with his feet, and then he plays the first guitar with a violin as a pick. And he SUCKS.

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