I’m a racist, part II
After my column was published I got some upset e-mails from people I quoted. One person, indeed, had her opinion misrepresented in the article. Apart from misquoting a source, this is the worst thing a reporter can do. And it was so unnecessary – the first draft of the column was correct, but to cut the word length a vital quote was extracted and bad information was introduced.

The resulting furor on the letters page reminds me why I much prefer reporting to opinion-writing. There is one comment about the error, then a whole bunch that basically denies me the right to have an opinion. The activists who disagree with me demphasize what I said (taken directly from the student government bill I was talking about), expand upon the stuff that makes them look reasonable, and then call me a liar.

I take lying really, really seriously. I sweat and rave about mistakes when they’d appear in articles I’d edited. But the impression I gave of a few protest-obsessed Asian American student groups and an administration that doesn’t like being mau-maued is completely true.

I expected as much from this little article, though. It’s the last thing I’ll write about NU’s student groups.

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