I’m a racist
I wrote a fairly deeply-researched column on a proposal to bulk up NU’s Asian American Studies program, and got one piece of mail that surprised me. Here was my lede:

They may be the only students fighting to take more classes. The activists working to expand the Asian American Studies program, who have lobbied the administration fiercely all year, are gathering tonight to support an Associated Student Government bill demanding more faculty and Asian-American courses in at least 13 disciplines. And students like me are wondering why.

Then I got this.

Your opening statement about Asian Americans fighting to take more classes reflects a stereotyped view of Asian Americans. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but realize you’ve offended almost 20% of the student population at NU. Please understand that your sarcastic and inaccurate judgments will not go unnoticed.

Honestly who reads that first sentence and says “he’s stereotyping Asian Americans”? Is it not strange that student activists would pour their energy into getting more classes? College students, who are better known for having keggers, playing frisbee, and protesting war?

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