In case you doubted that DeanForAmerica has become a cult
Here’s the curiously extant group’s latest plan:

Here in Durham our event will be at Brightleaf Square. We’ll hold signs saying “Thank you Howard Dean” and/or “I’m still voting for Dean.” [What the fuck?] I hope you’ll do an event in your area too.

Gather in a busy spot in your cities and towns to thank Howard Dean and show America that you still believe in the power of American citizens to shape their government. Bring your “Thank you Howard Dean” signs.

Saturday, February 21

2:00 pm Eastern
1:00 pm Central
12:00 pm Mountain
11:00 am Pacific

Send the word out through your networks. Choose a likely location for gathering and get the word out. This could be an opportunity to show people that we’re still out here and still determined to stay in the fight together, and still ABLE to mobilize quickly.

Mobilize quickly for what? Midnight raids on the Kerry compound?

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