Dean backers: “Yeaaaaaaagh!”
If you can learn anything from the official blog of Dean for America, it’s that his supporters are working up a paranoic flop-sweat about the media. Curiously, they’re also easily led by simple slogans (I had to stop counting the number of Dean posters who used their time to parrot campaign fundraising lines like “SWING THE BAT!” and “The tea is in the harbor.”). As a political reporter, their antics are especially funny.

Kerry’s support among moderates is stronger. Which is strange, since Dean is in fact more moderate than Kerry. But, the media has been talking about Dean as ‘liberal’ for months, and has only recently ‘discovered’ that he’s has a centrist record. If they had actually done their job, they had known that all along. But that’s too much to ask, as we know.

Oddly, this guy manages to deride the entire media while providing zilch for counterexamples. But that’s standard. Reporters have always known that Dean had a centrist record. In fact, he knew had to surmount that record to win Democratic primary support, and did so by coming out strong and early against the Iraq war, all Bush tax cuts, and current campaign finances laws/special interests.

Kerry is definitely more to the Left than Dean. The Media is saving that for the race against Bush if they get their man nominated.

That’s why it’s Dean that is much more electable that Kerry. Besides policy, Dean has a personality.

The media is very worried about Dean.

I really have no idea what this means. I think he’s trying to say the media is right-wing so they want to nominate Kerry because he’ll be easily beaten. This has no footing in reality, of course, but hey.

If you want to make a comparison to Clinton, you should have pointed out that Clinton got 2% in Iowa in 1992, as compared to Dean’s 18%. When you think about it, Howard Dean had plenty to shout about.

Oh, I love this one. I adore amateurs who take talking points from their campaigns and try to use it to pillory real journalists. Here are the facts.
1.) In 1992, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin was a candidate for president. Democrats did not seriously contest his home state, and Harkin won with 76.4 percent of the vote. The other candidates fought for single digits.
2.) In 1992, the Iowa caucus took place on Jan. 21. The New Hampshire primary was held on Feb. 18 – FOUR WEEKS after Iowa. Clinton had three extra weeks to build organization and momentum.
3.) Clinton’s “comeback kid” speech came in response to his trouncing in the polls during the Flowers scandal, not because of the Iowa results.

Stop watching those ridiculous TV shows! Get out the vote and swing the bat instead. The media will fight us to the end, so (just like trolls), it’s prudent not to get too excited by their sheer idiocy.

What media? This media?

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