And I am proven correct
Boxofficemojo have updated their site. The Return of the King won Wednesday. Cold Mountain came in fourth.

I can tell you Miramax’s mistake. They are treating ROTK like another geek movie, like Star Wars or The Matrix. But it’s an adaptation of a classic novel, starring a marquee cast, and featuring a very strong love story. Thus the can of whupass.

UPDATE: Why do I care? Eh, the Cold Mountain commercials get on my nerves. They go something like: “The most acclaimed movie of the year is now the most nominated movie of the year, with eight Golden Globe nominations including best picture of the year.” But Cold Mountain is just another slice of the weepy based-on-the-bestselling-book period crap that gets served to us every year. Return of the King is a near-spiritual experience. I watched grown men wipe tears from their eyes at the performance of Sean Astin. This movie deserves some damn respect.

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