The year in quotes
Tim Blair offers a side-splitting collection of 2003 wit (intentional and un-) over at his blog. Keep hitting “next” to go and see every month’s picks. Some favorites –

– “I hear that one of Saddam’s main torture techniques involved giving the victim a standard medical exam and then showing it on TV.” One of Tim’s astute commenters.

– “I have an uneasy feeling that many on the intellectual left are fearful that America will lose its next war amid massive casualties – but are even more fearful that America may win with minimal casualties.” Robert Fisk in a real “hear, hear” moment.

– “You want to really annoy the conservative warmongering powers that be? Work your ass off to pump up the vibration.” San Fran Chronicle columnist Mark Morford, one of the many people who helped make Arnold governor of California.

– “Do those who have written this tripe ever dare to go back and see how wrong they were last time?” Christopher Hitchens? You bet your ass.

Sometime I edit this little newspaper. When I joined it, back in 2000, I was a little embarrassed by the quality of our writing and arguments. I’m not any more. I was very careful that we didn’t jump too deeply into pre-war word orgy. We saved most of our jibes at celebrities for our middle-of-the-book section. I wrote one column about celebrity/journalist fearmongering, but concentrated on the hypocrisy who supported Clinton’s wars and cringed at Bush’s. Part of me regrets joining the anti-anti-war protest at NU, back in March, but when the anti-war folks asked me to take the mic to explain why we could possibly support Bush’s genocidal schemes, I calmly asked everyone to think past their hatred of this-or-that politician, or this-or-that policy, and form an argument about what would actually make Iraq better.

These quotes are still funny. But they remind me why I’ve lost most of my interest in opinion journalism, and why I like reporting much, much better.

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