Movie Review X: Lost in Translation
I can’t judge this one objectively, because it immediately wormed its way into my brain and has stuck there, more like The Lord’s Prayer than a movie. There are three immediate reasons.

1.)Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful woman in movies, for a number of reasons. The ones I can nail down: face, mannerisms, voice, and body. It’s hard to watch this movie and not walk away disappointed that you’re not going on a date with her within the next few days.

2.)The soundtrack is perfect, just like everyone’s been telling you. Sofia Coppola managed to get Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine back in the studio, and commissioned (for the second time) new work from the band Air. And these are in the median, as far as the songs go. Coppola chose one of the three or four best MBV songs, “Sometimes,” to soundtrack Charlotte (Johansson) and Bob Harris (Bill Murray)’s a.m. taxi ride back to their hotel. When they’re in a stupid nightclub, she flips the stupidest song of the decade, “Fuck the Pain Away” by Peaches. Like all great movies that use pop music, this one warps and transforms the songs and changes the way you’ll listen to them.

3.)I’m not a happy person. When I saw Lost … I had burnt out my skull laying out a newspaper that was stolen, in some locations, the next day. I was stressed out over deadlines, and over a relationship that had just expired for no good reason. But if none of that happened, I would still be generally solitary and unhappy, thinking mean things about people who get on my nerves. In that way, this movie might have well has been copied from a readout of my DNA.

So Lost in Translation means a lot to me. I don’t know how people who don’t identify with the characters would think.

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