New Spam technique
I just got this message in my public e-mail account:

The real_thing, not like
the other sites that imitate these products.

No hidd.en char.ges – Fast Delivery

*Vic.odin *Val.ium *Xan.ax

*Via.gra *Diaz.epam *Alpra.zolam

*So.ma *Fior.icet *Amb.ien

*Stil.nox *Ult.ram *Zo.loft

*Clon.azepam *At.ivan *Tr.amadol

*Xeni.cal *Cele.brex *Vi.oxx

*Pro.zac *Bus.par Much M.ore….

Notice something? Spammers are breaking up and garbling words so as to break through filters. The funny thing is, I use Zoloft. So these sons of bitches are destroying a word that I use in very, very important e-mails. This is no longer a freedom of speech issue, if it ever was.

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