R’ ‘n’ f’n r’
I still spend most of my disposable income on records, in case you were wondering. The last few weeks have been a fertile period, and albums that had been impossible to find for years suddenly cropped up in used bins and Virgin megastores. Here’s what I groove to at present.

Paul Westerberg – Come Feel Me Tremble
Why did it take so long for Westerberg to churn out songs like this? For years, he released new Replacements and solo records in between long periods of depression or hibernation, as if it was so damn hard to write songs like “Lay it Down Clown.” But now he’s going the Robert Pollard route and releasing platter after platter of fun, melodic ballads that should be played on acoustic guitar but are instead played on a scuzzed-out amp.

Gary Numan – The Pleasure Principle
The man with a voice “like David Bowie crying.” This is the album with “Cars,” his barely coherent paen to … driving in a car. But there plenty of one-word title masterpieces to go around, like the head-banging “Metal,” the Basement Jaxx-sampled “M.E.,” and the totally insane “Films” – “I don’t like the film! I don’t like the film! Play it all back! Play it all back!”

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