Warren Zevon, 1947-2003
I’m probably the only fan of Warren Zevon’s who discovered him on NBC. Zevon had written the score for “Route 66,” an adaptation of a 1960s TV show. I flipped on the show during the teaser, and stayed for the theme song. There was a sharp, nagging guitar riff, and weird lyrics: “I’m a refugee from the mansion on the hill/And if you don’t leave me I’ll find somebody who will.”

It took me 11 years to find out who sang that. And I loved Warren Zevon ever since.

He wrote catchy, 1970s cocaine rock, like the Eagles with brains, and he never recorded a perfect record (probably one of the reasons why critics don’t fawn over him). You should probably find an MP3 of “Lawyers, Guns and Money” or “Carmelita” to get a sense of his sound, and of his terrific voice (like Nilsson, he degraded measurably as he aged into his 40s).

There’s a good tribute here. I don’t have much else to add.


Today James Taranto noted Counterconvention.org, a collective of groups that hopes to shame the Bush renomination process:

Imagine … A million people on the street, representing the diversity of New York, and the multiplicity of this nation – community organizers, black radicals, unions, anarchists, church groups, queers, grandma’s for peace, AIDS activists, youth organizers, environmentalists, people of color contingents, global justice organizers, those united for peace and justice, veterans, and everyone who is maligned by Bush’s malicious agenda – on the street – en masse – An overwhelming, festive, and poignant showing with the entire world bearing witness.

Sadly, their group directory is organized without a moderator. The result is groups like …

– The Grass Hut League
Dedicated to the proposition that living in a socialist grass hut collective is somehow more important than being a productive member of a capitalist society. We produce nothing, inspire mediocrity, and when threatened, we whine, surrender instantly and take on victim/refugee status.

– The Charles Murray Front for Social Justice
Dedicated to Advancing the plans for Social Justice outlined in THE BELL CURVE and LOOSING (sic) GROUND.

– Al-Qaeda
Worldwide Islamic “liberation” organization.

– Counter Convention
We suck. No really, I mean we really, really suck.

– Sore Losermen
We are complet (sic) morons who still think the 2000 election was illegal and no facts or logic will change our minds. We know that most liberals are idiots, so we cater to that need by feeding the hatred.

And there are a bunch of communists. Fun ahoy!