My R.E.M. top 10
It was a fantastic show, but I’m saving my verbiage for a review in the Chronicle. Since the band crisscrossed their entire career in the setlist, I’m inspired to name my ten favorite Stipe/Mills/Buck/Berry compositions.

10.”At My Most Beautiful” (1998)
Peter Buck’s Beach Boys influence at its most naked.
9.”It’s The End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” (1987)
A total classic.
8.”Let Me In” (1994)
The stirring and depressing tribute to Kurt Cobain, nearly played on one fuzzed-out guitar.
7.”Flowers of Guatemala” (1986)
Their best early ballad.
6.”Man on the Moon” (1992)
My favorite of their “biggest band in the world” era hits. Now connected with the Andy Kaufman bio-pic, it’s many times more poignant.
5.”Stand” (1989)
Endlessly rewarding dunce-pop.
4.”Country Feedback” (1991)
Ominous – more ominous than it should be, at this point in the band’s life.
3.”The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite” (1992)
Basically improves on the formula of “Losing My Religion” (a great song, by the way) and adds the saddest keyboards this side of Bauhaus.
2.”Harborcoat” (1984)
My favorite of their early jangle-rock tunes.
1.”Imitation of Life” (2001)
It’s an unpopular choice, but that’s because everyone’s wrong and I’m right. This is a perfect pop song, larded with hooks (the riff, the strings, “That’s cinnamon, that’s Hollywood,” “Cry-ei-ei-ei-ei-ei”) and deceptively simple lyrics. And I’ve always dug the production on Reveal.

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