Camper Van Beethoven
I’ve been listening to the ouvre of this great defunct college-rock band, and my 10 favorite songs weren’t hard to pick up.

10.”Seven Languages” (1993)
And I would come to visit you
But I can’t find my car keys
And I can’t remember where you live
And if I had just a little time
I could speak seven languages
I could walk on water

9.”Crossing Over” (1988)
I’m crossing over county lines,
I’m tired of drinking 3.2 beer.
I’m crossing over in my mind,
Forget about the last five years.

8.”One of These Days” (1988)
But if you fight and if you fail,
don’t fall back into yourself
You can fall back on me

7.”Tania” (1988)
We carry your gun deep within our hearts
For no better reason than our lives have no meaning
And we want to be on television

6.”Sweethearts” (1989)
Angels wings are icing over
Mcdonnell-douglas olive drab
They bear the names of our sweethearts

5.”Eye of Fatima” (1988)
And this here’s a government experiment and we’re driving like Hell
To give some cowboys some Acid and to stay in motels
We’re going to eat up some wide open spaces
Like it was a cruise on the Nile
Take the hands off the clock, we’re going to be here a while

4.”We Saw Jerry’s Daughter” (1986)
And nobody wears flowers in the hair
Cuz flowers are everywhere

3.”Good Guys and Bad Guys” (1986)
So just be glad you live in America
Just relax and be yourself
Cuz if you didn’t live here in America
You’d probably live somewhere else

2.”(I was Born in a) Laundromat” (1989)
Just give me some tension release

1.”Take the Skinheads Bowling” (1982)
I had a dream–i wanted to sleep next to plastic
I had a dream–i wanted to lick your knees
I had a dream–it was about nothing

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