Zevon Top 10
Sappiness reigns supreme for me, and it was no different when Warren was alive. While I fight the temptation to lard up this list with ballads, Warren’s harder-edged songs don’t have the same appeal for me that they do for the rest of his legions.

10. “If You Don’t Leave Me I’ll Find Somebody Who Will” – Under a minute long but still one of my favorites.
9. “Excitable Boy” – Hilarious ragtime about an inbred millionaire.
8. “Keep Me in Your Heart” – Yes, it’s two weeks old, but I see the potential for this one to become a classic. The lyrics are universal enough to please any coffee bar hack.
7. “Life’ll Kill Ya” – The melody is nothing new, but the lyrics and performance are unstoppable.
6. “Splendid Isolation” – The theme song for the depressive male. “I’m putting tinfoil up on the windows/Lying down in the dark to dream/I don’t want to see their faces/I don’t want to hear them scream”
5. “Looking for the Next Best Thing” – Ironic balls-out rocker. “Don Quixote had his windmills/Ponce de Leon took his cruise/Took Sinbad seven voyages/To see that it was all a ruse”
4. “Carmelita” – An Eagles-style ballad about Russian roulette. And he even got the Eagles to sing on it.
3. “Reconsider Me” – Another could-be standard. The best break-up song this side of Nilsson’s “Don’t Forget Me.”
2. “Lawyers, Guns and Money” – For me, his funniest song. “I was gambling in Havana/I took a little risk/Send lawyers, guns and money/Dad, get me out of this”
1. “Mutineer” – A perfect forlorn love song that manages to open with “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum” and still work.

I really don’t consider “Werewolves” to be one of his 10 best, but it’s a good song.

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