The stupidest idea I’ve had this week
I came up with the germ of a classic teen sex comedy over dinner with friends. They laughed at me. And all of America will laugh at –

All Up In That!
This Summer, it’s everybody to the limit!

Julius LaFontaine (Kenan Thompson) is the surly son of wealthy lawyers (Samuel Jackson and Faye Dunaway) who just wants to survive senior year at the prestigious York prep school, play Star Wars on his XBox, and hang out with his best friend, scholarship student and MIT early-admit DeAndre “Dre” Wilson (Kel Mitchell). Sex? Julius doesn’t want to think about it. But when he accidentally wins a date with Natalie Portman (playing herself) and the actress jokes about “getting all up in that” on TRL, his virginity becomes a problem – a big problem.

Julius and Dre scramble to learn the ways of love, getting help from history teacher Mr. Turtle (Jaleel White, TV’s “Urkel”!) and some of the LaFontaines’ shady clients (including Chris Rock, Alan Cumming, and Philip Seymour Hoffman!). They get nowhere until the beautiful-but-skanky Eastern European duchess/co-ed Theodora (Hilary Duff!) comes clean – her boyfriend, snotty diamond heir JULIAN LaFontaine (Seann William Scott), had rigged the contest for himself! Theodora wants revenge, so she forms an alliance and teaches Julius EVERYTHING he needs to know about gettin’ all up in that. Meanwhile, Dre falls for Theodora, and hilarity ensues!

Will Julius hit it off with his dream girl? Will Dre win over Theodora? Will Julian’s international ring of ninjas kill them before they get a chance?

… I am such an idiot.

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