Idol worship
I guess everyone who wants to has already read the New York Times account of the Alabama Ten Commandments … controversy … but it threw me for a loop.

Protesters screamed “God haters!” and “Let their wheels crumble!” as the removal got under way.

Even after the monument had disappeared the crowds continued to grow, many wearing their beliefs on their back, with T-shirts bearing slogans like `’Jesus is the standard” and “I’m here for God.”

The pictures are a doozy – go here for more. I’m fond of the guy blowing the shofar.

This amuses me, of course, because it so blindingly idiotic. It looks a lot like iconodulism, fundamentalists using a slab of rock as the focal point for their faith. That is and has always been abominable, and if you don’t want to go back to the golden calf story, just refresh your memory of the Byzantine Empire’s iconoclasm and the hundreds of thousands of people murdered for worshipping the wrong toys. It’s a little worrying to see huge throngs taking over a courthouse so that they may defend a rock.

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