History is fun, pt. II
Oh, blogosphere, you minx! My fellow faux pundits have apparently been embroiled in a controversy over John Hawkins’s list of “the 20 greatest figures in American history.” It was sexist, apparently. There weren’t enough votes for that woman who founded Ms. magazine.

What’s really important is that it was a list. Damn, I love making lists. Let me try this on.

**Dave Weigel’s 20 Greatest Figures in American History**
I assume we’re basing this on the fuzzy, Time magazine version of “greatness.” These folks need to have contributed positively to the American experiment. And they need to have done so in a big way. So my love for Barry Goldwater is tempered, because his fantastic political philosophy didn’t make it into the law until he was dying. And I reckon we start at 1776. I ignore the Howard Zinn version of events because it’s bullshit, and I’m not using the internet in a free country because of the Shawnee tribe. I’m doing it because of these guys. So, let’s go.

20. Susan B. Anthony
19. Milton Friedman
18. Mark Twain
17. Martin Luther King, Jr
16. Daniel Webster
15. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
14. Theodore Roosevelt
13. Henry Clay
12. Thurgood Marshall
11. Andrew Carnegie
10. Harriet Beecher Stowe
09. Alexander Hamilton
08. Earl Warren
07. Ronald Reagan
06. Dwight D. Eisenhower
05. Henry Ford
04. Andrew Jackson
03. Thomas Jefferson
02. J.D. Rockefeller
01. Abraham Lincoln

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