Why do people read Oliver Willis?
Fine, fine, this is a pissing contest. But I’m perplexed – I followed a link to Oliver Willis’s blog today, and it was the perfect antidote to all of the rich prose I’ve been reading. This guy blows. Check out a post about Howard Dean’s fundraising. I read it once, then went back to count the cliches.

“unprecedented in the history of American politics” – “upset the applecart of conventional wisdom” – “Compare and contrast” – “worked the room” – “friends in high corporate places” – “David and Goliath battle” – “the most exciting thing to happen in politics” – “a governor from a town called Hope” – “you must allow yourself to not only think outside of the box, but outside of the beltway” – “an open tent of ideas”

Not much in the way of prose so far – and the conclusion is just weak.

If the choice in 2004 is between a President who caters to K Street while ignoring Main Street, and a governor whose position really reflects the will of the masses – I would put my money on the Doctor from Vermont. You can’t just sit back and enjoy this, you have to stand up and participate in this thing that makes America what it is: democracy in its purest form.

Willis stated previously that “over 21,000 individuals contributed to the Dean campaign.” According to opensecrets.org, George W. Bush raised money from 119,213 donors during the 2000 campaign. Some of those were corporate, but at least 101,301 people gave personal donations of $200 or less. Assuming that Bush’s supporters consist entirely of Thomas Nast cartoons was Willis’s first mistake – his second was assuming that “the masses” consist of 21,000 people.

And 298 people link to this guy. Free content has its downsides.

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