Wanted: One succession act
There’s word that the Homeland Security may become 8th in line for the presidency (up from 18th). But if you’re going to make a change like this, why not reverse the silly Succession act of 1947? Since then, the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate have been third and fourth in line. Two guys who have never won national elections or served in the executive branch are expected to take over if Air Force one goes down with Bush and Cheney on board. This meant, of course, that from 1995-2001 Strom Thurmond was fourth in line – and from 2001-2003, that man was Robert C. Byrd. We should never have that animus hanging over our heads ever again.

My suggestion: Make Sec of State third in line, Defense Secretary fourth in line, and Homeland fifth. If the president and vice president are dead, the country is almost certainly in a state of war, and these are the guys that should be ready to take the reins. So if you’re a senator and you want to contact me, look to the column on your right.

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