Book review II: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer/Philosopher’s Stone
Reading these books has become a cultural imperative. Movies, TV shows and magazines are padded with Hogwarts references; each Warner Brothers film adaptation is a cultural event; soulless chain stores hosted launch parties for buoyant kids and grudging adults.

So I had to read this book. I didn’t expect to love it; I liked it, and that’s enough to keep me hooked. Fast-paced and cute, the book doesn’t create its own world on the scale of Dune or The Lord of the Rings. Despite the best efforts of Slate.com columnists with too much free time, it lacks the philosophical depth of the former.

The best I can say for this book is that it reminded me of my favorite Raold Dahl novels, which pretty much defined my childhood. And it inspired me to read the next four – but only because working from home hands me a lot of free time.

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