Because it beats working

If you dig a little, major newspapers are sporting some fun coverage of the anti-Bush movement. Why not “anti-war”? See this Washington Post piece:

According to leaders of some of the largest national peace groups, the antiwar movement reshaping itself to become an anti-Bush movement.

See, this is the kind of story that puts a reporter in a quandry. Evelyn Nieves isn’t stupid. I’m sure that she scribbled down these quotes into her yellow pad knowing that they were idiotic. There has ALWAYS been an anti-Bush movement. It was visible in August 2000, when the stilts-and-communism crowd tried to tie up Philadelphia by protesting Bush. Back then they claimed that there was “no difference between Bush and Gore,” of course – one of the more amusing protest organs was the dapper “Billionaries for Bush or Gore” – but since their current voter registration drive counts opposing congressmen who have “supported or acquiesced to the Bush administration,” it looks like they’re keen to defeat Democrats.

In short, this “anti-war movement,” piloted by hardline communists and populated by walking, talking stoner stereotypes, is a p.r. goldmine for the Bush campaign. He must be doing something right if he’s got these people against him.

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