Viva War

I’m quoted in a Fox News story about the “pro-war movement.” About 5 minutes worth of my comments are condensed into one soundbite, so let me explain: I said that campus activists who were directly descended from the anti-globalization movement, who morphed into the Nader 2000 movement, who became the sweatshop movement, who became the “don’t bomb Afghanistan” movement, are the ones kicking up dust about Iraq. The media, I said, was treating their word like gospel until the pro-war crowd stopped writing intelligent editorials and said “the hell with it” and hoisted a few signs. Once we counter-protested, the campus media was given reasons to be more skeptical of the anti-war crowd. I don’t think opponents of war in Iraq are “anti-American.” But their leadership has been crusading against America for eons, and they’re using this as a platform.

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