[Insert favorite popular song about money here]

I’m heading to Money magazine for my Medill internship come mid-March. This disappoints me only very slightly – the program’s director had told me that I’d be a perfect fit for Newsweek, but according to the final list no one got that internship. We’d been warned that the magazine was probably going to sit out the spring for budget reasons – alas, it was true.

All this aside, I can’t pretend I’m not needing to shackle myself to avoid screaming with glee. According to the forms we Medill juniors filled out in January, Money has been home to some of the school’s best, most irritatingly successful students. It’s one of the best-selling magazines in America, with 1.9 million paid subscribers and an estimated 8 million readers. It’s run by Time, Inc, which is the magazine equivilent of royalty. And according to the program’s directors, it’s one of the most demanding slots in the internship program.

Bring it.

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