Anti-anti-war protest at NU

About 20 NU students, joined by some members of NROTC who were disallowed from protesting, countered the NOWAR protest today with signs and peaceful debate. To their great credit, NOWAR organizers allowed a pro-war protester (OK, it was me) to briefly address their crowd of 60 or 70 students and faculty.

It’s important to note that this counter-rally was not publicized in any way. The idea of uniting pro-war students to represent the NU population that doesn’t support kneejerk pacifism came about Monday, and it was suggested to a number of students via e-mail. It was not advertised in the Northwestern Chronicle – most protestors were not members of the Chronicle. We organized under no banner at all. We just wanted to be heard.

Here are some photos taken by Illinois blogger John Tabin.

View from the front

View from the side

View from the front (with a number of protesters out of frame)

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