Rabble rabble rabble!

In South Park, when a crowd gathers to protest some scandal or another, Trey Parker and Matt Stone simulate the noise of the crowd by shouting “rabble rabble rabble” and looping their voices a few times. The speakers at the various and sundry anti-war rallies yesterday took that a step further by shouting nonsense into their microphones and waiting for the applause.

The Guardian collects some of the pronouncements today:

Tony Benn – “[This movement] must be about the establishment of a Palestinian state. It must be about democracy in the Middle East – there is no democracy in Saudi Arabia or Iraq – and about some democracy in Britain as well, and letting parliament decide.”

How will sitting on the sidelines and maintaining sanctions while leaving Saddam Hussein in power bring about democracy in the Middle East? Benn didn’t say.

Ken Livingstone – “The British people will not tolerate being used to prop up the most corrupt and racist American administration in over 80 years.”

How is the American government racist, especially in regards to Iraq? Livingstone didn’t say.

See, this is the reason I don’t take the anti-war marches seriously. I don’t care how many people show up – for every person that protested in America yesterday, 298 or 299 didn’t. I don’t care how big the crowds are. They have no rebuttal, no plan, no design for democracy other than making funny signs that put Hitler mustaches on Bush and Blair. They are political imbecilies who don’t know how to read the constitution and don’t know history apart from the jaundiced version written by Howard Zinn. They should be ignored, and they will be ignored – and they will never, ever admit that they were wrong.

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