Viva War

I’m quoted in a Fox News story about the “pro-war movement.” About 5 minutes worth of my comments are condensed into one soundbite, so let me explain: I said that campus activists who were directly descended from the anti-globalization movement, who morphed into the Nader 2000 movement, who became the sweatshop movement, who became the “don’t bomb Afghanistan” movement, are the ones kicking up dust about Iraq. The media, I said, was treating their word like gospel until the pro-war crowd stopped writing intelligent editorials and said “the hell with it” and hoisted a few signs. Once we counter-protested, the campus media was given reasons to be more skeptical of the anti-war crowd. I don’t think opponents of war in Iraq are “anti-American.” But their leadership has been crusading against America for eons, and they’re using this as a platform.


They really do hate Bush, don’t they?

Atrios is amazed – amazed! – at reports of the FBI’s effort to dismantle white supremacist organizations. Quoth he: “But Andrew Sullivan said that Susan Sontag was in charge of the 5th column…”

Hah hah hah! Good one! Of course, the FBI has been infiltrating and dismantling race hate groups for decades, as broken down in this book and any number of sources available to anonymous left-wing bloggers. The COINTEL program, widely derided in recent years for its efforts to destroy SDS and the Black Panthers, did a number on these organizations.

Does any of this register with the folks on Atrios’ board? Well …

Yeah, but aren’t all these neo-Nazis on the White House payroll, anyway? I mean it sounds more like the FBI is recruiting, if you ask me…
These guys will get out on bail, since someone will argue it’s just a little 2nd Amendment fun and Ashcroft will let them go much to the chagrin of the hardworking FBI/ATF agents. These guys won’t. Justice in Ashcroft’s Amerika.
They better lock up the staff of the Moonie Times while they’re at it. Have you read what they run? The denunciation of ZOG is coming any day now.
Yeah, but watch out for those atheists. They’re the real threat to democracy. My brain hurts …

And my battle to take the anti-war crowd seriously suffers another setback …


Ha ha, Bush is like, so dumb!

Cleverly (?) named blogger Uggabugga is trying to raise the bar for how much you can loathe the American president and still whinge when someone calls you on it. Take this.

The humor, I guess, derives from believing Saddam Hussein is smarter than our gun-slingin’ hick of a commander-in-chief. Hilarious, of course. But to me, when this stuff comes from a guy that nearly wet himself with anger when Rush Limbaugh called Frank Lautenberg a “cadaver,” I doubt its comedic salience. It fairly reeks of stupid, reflexive Bush-hatred.


[Insert favorite popular song about money here]

I’m heading to Money magazine for my Medill internship come mid-March. This disappoints me only very slightly – the program’s director had told me that I’d be a perfect fit for Newsweek, but according to the final list no one got that internship. We’d been warned that the magazine was probably going to sit out the spring for budget reasons – alas, it was true.

All this aside, I can’t pretend I’m not needing to shackle myself to avoid screaming with glee. According to the forms we Medill juniors filled out in January, Money has been home to some of the school’s best, most irritatingly successful students. It’s one of the best-selling magazines in America, with 1.9 million paid subscribers and an estimated 8 million readers. It’s run by Time, Inc, which is the magazine equivilent of royalty. And according to the program’s directors, it’s one of the most demanding slots in the internship program.

Bring it.


Anti-anti-war protest at NU

About 20 NU students, joined by some members of NROTC who were disallowed from protesting, countered the NOWAR protest today with signs and peaceful debate. To their great credit, NOWAR organizers allowed a pro-war protester (OK, it was me) to briefly address their crowd of 60 or 70 students and faculty.

It’s important to note that this counter-rally was not publicized in any way. The idea of uniting pro-war students to represent the NU population that doesn’t support kneejerk pacifism came about Monday, and it was suggested to a number of students via e-mail. It was not advertised in the Northwestern Chronicle – most protestors were not members of the Chronicle. We organized under no banner at all. We just wanted to be heard.

Here are some photos taken by Illinois blogger John Tabin.

View from the front

View from the side

View from the front (with a number of protesters out of frame)


President Kucinich addressed a group of flying pigs today

Dennis Kucinich, the four-term congressman from Ohio who is widely recognized as one of the worst big city mayors in American history, wants to be president. Going out on a limb – this will be the most annoying, overreported and disingenuous presidential campaign since Ted Kennedy in 1980. Kucinich is an incompetant with a soft, fluffy worldview with no idea how to run a government. Expect a Nation magazine cover story within the month.


Rabble rabble rabble!

In South Park, when a crowd gathers to protest some scandal or another, Trey Parker and Matt Stone simulate the noise of the crowd by shouting “rabble rabble rabble” and looping their voices a few times. The speakers at the various and sundry anti-war rallies yesterday took that a step further by shouting nonsense into their microphones and waiting for the applause.

The Guardian collects some of the pronouncements today:

Tony Benn – “[This movement] must be about the establishment of a Palestinian state. It must be about democracy in the Middle East – there is no democracy in Saudi Arabia or Iraq – and about some democracy in Britain as well, and letting parliament decide.”

How will sitting on the sidelines and maintaining sanctions while leaving Saddam Hussein in power bring about democracy in the Middle East? Benn didn’t say.

Ken Livingstone – “The British people will not tolerate being used to prop up the most corrupt and racist American administration in over 80 years.”

How is the American government racist, especially in regards to Iraq? Livingstone didn’t say.

See, this is the reason I don’t take the anti-war marches seriously. I don’t care how many people show up – for every person that protested in America yesterday, 298 or 299 didn’t. I don’t care how big the crowds are. They have no rebuttal, no plan, no design for democracy other than making funny signs that put Hitler mustaches on Bush and Blair. They are political imbecilies who don’t know how to read the constitution and don’t know history apart from the jaundiced version written by Howard Zinn. They should be ignored, and they will be ignored – and they will never, ever admit that they were wrong.