The new Christopher Hitchens!

To little (OK, no) fanfare, The Nation has replaced columnist Christopher Hitchens with … wait for it … Naomi Klein.

Yes, the No Logo girl. That Naomi Klein.

How does her prose stack up against the Hitch’s? Let’s see!

What we are seeing is the emergence of a genuinely new New World Order, one far more Darwinian than the First, Second and Third World. The new divisions are between fortress continents and locked-out continents. For locked-out continents, even their cheap labor isn’t needed, and their countries are left to beg outside the gates for a half-decent price for wheat and bananas.

Interesting. The Nation has expanded its coverage from planet Earth to that shadowy dimension where the United States is run by vampires who survive on the blood of brown people.

And they still publish Eric Alterman. Forgive me if I read a left-wing magazine that keeps me awake.

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