Ah, there you go

Mark Steyn puts the anti-war protests in focus after suggesting how our overseas friends viewed them.

All over the TV, the news shows reported on the �peace� demonstrations �sweeping� America, though you couldn�t help noticing the cameras always stayed in tight, no wide shots, just close- ups � in some cases, because there were only six �peace� lovers present; in others, to avoid showing the vast numbers of nutters.
Thus, the main planks of the anti-war platform: it�s not all about oil, it�s also about Hitler, the Florida recount, dying for those devious Jews, and letting me show you my pubes. The much-invoked Gandhi managed to get through a demo without whipping his loincloth off, but then he had a goal he wanted to achieve.
So I couldn�t have been happier. After a weekend-long narcissistic freakshow, the pro-war numbers were bound to go up.

Hee, as Ellen Shapiro would say.

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