Me, the activist

I got the sudden urge to call my Republican senator, Peter Fitzgerald, around 11 a.m. My natural cynicism was off the charts – yes, yes, I know that my opinion should matter, but I kept thinking from the perspective of the poor staffer who’d intercept my call, and I kept picturing her eyes rolling as some guy claiming to be from Illinois told her boss what to do. But I did it, in my own halting manner.

“Hello, Sen. Peter Fitzgerald”

“Hi. I … I never do this, but I’m a constituent of the senator, I live in Evanston, and I wanted to register my opinion about something.”


“I … well, this is weird, but … I wanted to express my desire that, when the situation arises, Sen. Fitzgerald does not support Sen. Lott for another run as majority leader. I’d like him to support someone else, like Sen. Frist.”

“OK. I will let the senator know.”

“Thanks, have a fine day.”

Democracy in action. Are thousands of my fellow citizens making the same call? Fingers are crossed.

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