In and out of hell

I’m simultaneously pleased and disgusted with the final Chronicle of Fall quarter. On the one hand, it’s finished and free of errors. On the other there’s a lot of stuff that’s more offensive and less pointed than I would have liked. It was a mistake to run the entire operation from my monastic cell in the Plex. The franchise started to expand yesterday, when Kyle came over and helped finish the issue. It’ll widen every week next quarter.

In other news, NYOU (not online yet) listed “getting dissed by the Chronicle” as one of their great accomplishments of the quarter. An explanation: I love the Daily more than finding a $50 bill, coated in gold flakes, on the sidewalk. My heart is harder for NYOU because (1.) As a weekly publication, they compete directly with the Chron and (2.) They’ve published some of the most ridiculous bullshit in these past 2.3 years, all Quarked and Photoshopped up and presented like gilded journalistic trophies. Example: the Burger King story. It was just depressing – were stories about Burger King the best the pampered journos of NU could come up with? Someday the Chron will be good enough to scare them into doing better.


Oh, Strom

The Knight-Ridder account of Strom Thurmond’s last day in the Senate contains a gem of a scene:

At one point, he was staring straight ahead with no expression on his face. Then a young page passed before him and his eyes flickered. He motioned for her to come over.
She leaned close to hear his soft voice. The 99-year-old senator slipped a small cellophane-wrapped candy into her hand.
The page thanked Thurmond and started to pull away when he gripped her elbow and pulled her close in again.
He placed two more candies into her hand and pointed his shaking finger toward the dais where two women sat, recording votes and performing clerical duties.
Thurmond released the page’s arm.
With a sheepish smile, she delivered the candies and returned to her seat among the other pages.

Weird. Just weird.


Facts? What are you, a fascist?

There are plenty of problems with this WorkingForChange column begging liberal Republicans to switch parties. I’ll start with the lead.

Nobody voted for Trent Lott on Election Day,

The Senate majority leader is not elected by national suffrage.

but he is set to become leader of the United States Senate � again, as he was for a short time in 2000.

He was majority leader from the retirement of Bob Dole in 1996 to the time Jim Jeffords switched parties in 2001.

Thoughtful Americans who want common-sense public policies should fear the re-ascension of Mr. Lott to the post of Senate Majority Leader.

OK, so Americans are either liberal or they’re not “thoughtful”. I’ll relay that to Milton Friedman.

Under our system of elections, it does not matter if most voters disagree with Mr. Lott. What matters is simply whether a majority of senators vote for him in early January, when the 108th Congress convenes. If the Democratic incumbent wins a runoff election in Louisiana in early December, the new Senate will have 52 Republicans, 47 Democrats and one Independent � enough votes to ensure victory for Mr. Lott and his agenda.

If Mary Landrieu wins, there will be 51 Republicans and 48 Democrats in the Senate.

… moderates will fight to move their colleagues toward more thoughtful, mainstream positions, but in Lott�s Senate they will be doomed to failure.

There’s that “thoughtful” business again. Kieschnick must really loathe the 46 percent of Americans who, say, told Gallup pollsters they wanted a partial birth abortion ban.

The rest of the column is more or less garbage – I just thought the screaming errors were fun.



It’s not like today didn’t completely suck, and it’s not like I don’t have to finish two economics papers before I away to bed, but I found my WinAmp’s random selection of MP3s to be very amusing. This is what played between 10:45 and 11:12.

The Mentors – Sex Slave
“Your ass I love to beat, you’re just a piece of meat! You are my! Personal whore!”
The Little Mermaid Soundtrack – Part of Your World
“What’s a fire and why does it – burrrrrrn?”
Black Sabbath – Zero the Hero
“What ya gonna be what ya gonna be brother, Zero the Herooooooooo!”
Neil Young – Rockin’ in the Free World (Moog version)
(a cover of the classic song done entirely by synthesisers)
Joan Jett – Mary Tyler Moore Theme
“Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?”


Just what I needed

I woke up early to head to a review session with my economics professor, and before I got out of the parkling lot my bike capsized, sending me sprawling on the gravel. It wasn’t until much later that I saw the casualties of the tumble –

1.) I ruined my only pair of pants that fit.
2.) I cracked the window of my cell phone.
3.) The leather sections of my wallet split, rendering it useless.

Upon getting home, I called Sprint to see how my phone could be fixed. After two robotic hang-ups on their end, I cleverly tossed my home phone against the wall and unplugged the answering machine. So I have no phone anymore, but I don’t mind. I really only used the cell phone for the address book and for wake-up calls from home, anyway – since I’m not a rich Asian bitch, no one ever called me.


Saw it coming a mile away …

You’re not the fool everyone takes you for. You put on a show to stay under the radar. Underneath your bumbling exterior, you are a shrewd and calculating person. You don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, but you can take charge if absolutely neccessary. But trust no one, not even your best friend, because you never know who might betray you.

You were portrayed by Derek Jacobi.

Which I, Claudius Character are You? created by
Shiny Objects