Who’s afraid of Al Gore? EVERYBODY!

Drudge put it up high, but both the Washington Post and The New York Times buried a poll that shows Al Gore with septic approval ratings.

The Times spins the data late in the piece:

Just 19 percent said they held a favorable view of the former vice president, compared with 43 percent who had an unfavorable view. The unfavorable rating is among his worst since The New York Times/CBS News Poll began asking the question about him in 1987. Men are more likely than woman to dislike Mr. Gore.

The unfavorable perception of Mr. Gore crossed party lines: about one-third of Democrats viewed him favorably, compared with about one-fifth who viewed him unfavorably. Of potentially more concern to Mr. Gore, just 17 percent of independent voters said they had a favorable opinion of him, compared with 36 percent who described their view as unfavorable.

At this point in 1970, Gallup had Hubert Humphrey in a dead heat with Richard Nixon (41-39, with 11 percent for George Wallace). More astoundingly, Gallup showed Humphrey with a 53-19 positive approval rating. In December 1978, Gallup showed Americans approving of former Pres. Gerald Ford by 56-22. The difference between then and now? Americans were having second thoughts about the man they’d elected president and taking another look at the guy they rejected.

Not now. Americans are on their hands and knees thanking God they didn’t elect this reptilian political hack. (poll data from Lexis-Nexis)

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