In lieu of revising for my stats midterm, here are my revised predictions.

Arkansas: Pryor beats Hutchinson. [DEM GAIN]
Hutchinson has never recovered from his remarriage. If Pryor’s last name was, say, Clinton, this would be different … as it stands, Pryor 51, Hutchinson 48.

Colorado: Strickland beats Allard. [DEM GAIN]
Goddamn Libertarians. Strickland 49, Allard 47, others 4

Georgia: Cleland beats Chambliss. [DEM HOLD]
A good Republican campaign and anti-incumbent sentiment won’t be enough to make the difference. Cleland 51, Chambliss 48.

Iowa: Harkin beats Ganske. [DEM HOLD]
He’s the Ag chairman. Any chance to knock off Harkin was lost in 1990. Harkin 54, Ganske 45.

Louisiana: Landrieu wins without runoff. [DEM HOLD]
Just a piss-poor GOP campaign this year. Landrieu squeaks out with 50 percent in initial balloting.

Maine: Collins beats Pingree. [REP HOLD]
Smart Republican campaign, moderate record. Collins 53, Pingree 46 (kept tight because of runoff from the Baldacci coattails in the Gov’s race)

Minnestota: Mondale beats Coleman. [DEM HOLD]
Coleman is America’s unluckiest Republican. Official. Mondale 51, Coleman 45, others 4.

Missouri: Talent beats Carnahan. [REP GAIN]
The only GOP bright spot of election night. Talent 51, Carnahan 48.

New Hampshire: Sununu beats Shaheen. [REP HOLD]
I think the momentum is with Shaheen, but it won’t be enough in a bad year for NH Dems. Sununu 50, Shaheen 49.

New Jersey: Lautenberg beats Forrester. [DEM HOLD]
You know, I’m starting to hate politics. Lautenberg 53, Forrester 46.

North Carolina: Dole beats Bowles. [REP HOLD]
If the campaign lasted another month, Bowles would win. Dole is just that lame and unconvicing as a campaigner. Dole 53, Bowles 46.

South Carolina: Graham beats Sanders. [REP HOLD]
Good Democrat campaign – wrong state. Graham 55, Sanders 45.

South Dakota: Johnson beats Thune. [DEM HOLD]
Barring a Shaheen win in NH, this is the most pathetic GOP fumble in the country. Johnson 50, Thune 49.

Tennesse: Alexander beats Clement. [REP HOLD]
Tightening, but Alexander is an icon. Alexander 54, Clement 46.

Texas: Cornyn beats Kirk. [REP HOLD]
Kirk was a media phenom and nothing more. Cornyn 54, Kirk 45.

OVERALL: Dem 51, Rep 48, Ind 1. Not bad for a year when consumer confidence is low, and it would have been closer if NJ Dems obeyed the law.

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