In lieu of revising for my stats midterm, here are my revised predictions.

Arkansas: Pryor beats Hutchinson. [DEM GAIN]
Hutchinson has never recovered from his remarriage. If Pryor’s last name was, say, Clinton, this would be different … as it stands, Pryor 51, Hutchinson 48.

Colorado: Strickland beats Allard. [DEM GAIN]
Goddamn Libertarians. Strickland 49, Allard 47, others 4

Georgia: Cleland beats Chambliss. [DEM HOLD]
A good Republican campaign and anti-incumbent sentiment won’t be enough to make the difference. Cleland 51, Chambliss 48.

Iowa: Harkin beats Ganske. [DEM HOLD]
He’s the Ag chairman. Any chance to knock off Harkin was lost in 1990. Harkin 54, Ganske 45.

Louisiana: Landrieu wins without runoff. [DEM HOLD]
Just a piss-poor GOP campaign this year. Landrieu squeaks out with 50 percent in initial balloting.

Maine: Collins beats Pingree. [REP HOLD]
Smart Republican campaign, moderate record. Collins 53, Pingree 46 (kept tight because of runoff from the Baldacci coattails in the Gov’s race)

Minnestota: Mondale beats Coleman. [DEM HOLD]
Coleman is America’s unluckiest Republican. Official. Mondale 51, Coleman 45, others 4.

Missouri: Talent beats Carnahan. [REP GAIN]
The only GOP bright spot of election night. Talent 51, Carnahan 48.

New Hampshire: Sununu beats Shaheen. [REP HOLD]
I think the momentum is with Shaheen, but it won’t be enough in a bad year for NH Dems. Sununu 50, Shaheen 49.

New Jersey: Lautenberg beats Forrester. [DEM HOLD]
You know, I’m starting to hate politics. Lautenberg 53, Forrester 46.

North Carolina: Dole beats Bowles. [REP HOLD]
If the campaign lasted another month, Bowles would win. Dole is just that lame and unconvicing as a campaigner. Dole 53, Bowles 46.

South Carolina: Graham beats Sanders. [REP HOLD]
Good Democrat campaign – wrong state. Graham 55, Sanders 45.

South Dakota: Johnson beats Thune. [DEM HOLD]
Barring a Shaheen win in NH, this is the most pathetic GOP fumble in the country. Johnson 50, Thune 49.

Tennesse: Alexander beats Clement. [REP HOLD]
Tightening, but Alexander is an icon. Alexander 54, Clement 46.

Texas: Cornyn beats Kirk. [REP HOLD]
Kirk was a media phenom and nothing more. Cornyn 54, Kirk 45.

OVERALL: Dem 51, Rep 48, Ind 1. Not bad for a year when consumer confidence is low, and it would have been closer if NJ Dems obeyed the law.


Ramsey Clark doesn’t know much

Check out the C-Span interview with Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General and current crank. You may have your own favorite comment; here’s mine, after Brian Lamb asked Ramsey’s opinion of Saddam Hussein.

LAMB: Has he killed his own people?
CLARK: Have we? He may have, but I don’t know.

I don’t know why anyone would listen to Clark. He’s unhinged. End of story.


People for the American Way: “Down with the Constitution!”

I had to rub my eyes after reading this release from PftAW:

Moreover, a right-wing dominated Supreme Court would not only turn back hard-won achievements, but could also make new progressive gains nearly impossible. It could overturn on constitutional grounds any progressive legislation for a generation, regardless of who controls Congress or the White House, similar to what happened during the first third of the 20th century.

That’s right. We’ve got to stop the high court from basing its decisions on the constitution. Can I suggest using the New Jersey Supreme Court instead?

This (presumably not proof-read) release comes courtsy of the unbiased Media Whores Online.