I should just stop writing now, before I get hurt …

By all appearences the cover story of last week’s Forth Worth Weekly was a piece on being Muslim in America (in These Troubled Times). Normally this would not make into the weblog. But this piece was written by Naureen Shah, the leader (that’s what the press calls it) of Northwestern’s anti-war group and a friend who disagrees with me on everything but the benefits of breathing. So I read it. And it’s pretty good.

While the story has been written many a time before, this one’s distinguished by: (1.) not being about a relatively insignificant slice of the country and (2.) being written by someone I loaned the new Pet Shop Boys record to. The first-person drive of the piece reveals that the author is a Muslim, but not that she is an anti-war organizer. Does this matter? It could have. Luckily, Naureen is a real journalist and interviews subjects who don’t reflect what she thinks. Says one source, a teacher: “In Pakistan, there is no public education. So [the parents] went to religious schools where they’re brainwashed and they blame all their problems on developed countries. They come [to the United States] with tunnel vision.”

The story’s been written before, so I don’t forsee Naureen getting the award that usually greets such “I Was A Teenage Victim!” pieces (although the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies is hyping it tastefully on its site). So I reiterate: It’s pretty good.

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