Why I am a lazy weblogger

The boss and I were walking back from FedEx last week when he asked a strange question – strange considering I was still in town for 6 more weeks.

“You thought about what you want to do next?”

He meant “after college.” I said I was going to apply to a bunch of media conglomerates and see which ones would have me. (NU does wonders for your horizons.)

“Yeah,” he said. “I think the magazine could use one or two more full-time staffers. Some editors, or at least some people to share the duties.”

And it took me three hours to figure out what he was saying – “Hey, come back here and work after you graduate.”

With that dangling over my head, I have endevoured to become the best intern ever. Thus, not much blogging.

Song of the Day: Todd Rundgren, “Real Man”

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