McKinney out?

After Earl Hilliard lost his primary challenge, speculation on the fates of anti-Israel politicians has been widespread and well-founded. According to a Cooper and Secrest poll, Rep. Cynthia McKinney (GA-4) may be the next domino to fall.

The poll in full:


A Cooper and Secrest (D) poll, conducted 5/5-7/02 for former State Court Judge Denise Majette (D), surveyed 509 likely Democratic primary voters; margin of error +/- 4.4% (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/31). Tested: Majette and Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D).

Democratic primary matchup:

Majette 41%
McKinney 37
Undec. 22

McKinney job approval:

Positive 38%
Negative 60%

Barbara Lee still looks safe, but come August 20, if the Israel lobby does its work, we might see the end of Cynthia McKinney.


Adventures in journalism

I made my first call of the day to a Green Party Senate candidate in the midwest; to my chagrain, I got his machine. But this wasn’t any voicemail. This was a blessing in disguise.

A drum rattled and a chorus of monkeys started chattering. Seconds later, the candidate intoned: “It is said by some indigeonous peoples that there are 100 ways to kiss the earth. Leave a name and a message, and some day we may meet and share our love over a simple bowl of lentils.”

And then I left a message. And hung up.

Song of the Day: Garbage, “Kick My Ass”


I am smarter than a congresswoman

The Washington Times serves up a fun, stupid brief about Rep. Diane Watson. She claims, with no evidence, that the president has an 88 I.Q. In response, the GOP dug up her response to a 1984 state bill endorsing square-dancing, wherein she claimed that the Spanish tradition had originated in “Northern Europe.”