I, elitist

Now to answer the question on everybody’s mind – what is Dave reading? Books I’ve already finished are in italics.

– by Bret Easton Ellis
Less Than Zero
The Rules of Attraction
The Informers

I’d read American Psycho on a lark last year, and unlike many critics, I loved it. Ellis’s barely discernable sense of humor rings loud and clear for a cynical collegiate like me, and so far it rang clearest in The Rules of Attraction. I knew some of the people he was talking about; the rich louts who drank and stumbled their way through Camden College only to fall backwards into a job set up by their parents. Less Than Zero and The Informers seems formless, but they had their moments. Glamorama so far seems the best of them all. What does it say about me when I laugh out loud reading this?

– by Tom Wolfe
The Painted Word
The sure-handed, hilarious Wolfe chimes in on art, circa 1975. Funny and enlightening.

– by Hannah Arednt
Between Past and Future
No idea what this is about. Heard it was good.

– by Albert Camus
The Myth of Sisyphus
I remember the myth of Sisyphus. I brought it up in college from time to time, whenever one of my achievements was, at the last minute, shitcanned. Camus does a better job working his way through the myth, but since I haven’t properly started the book I’m not sure how.

– by the Center for Campus Organizing
Uncovering the Right on Campus
I am evil according to a guide that the defines “The Right” as “those who want to limit democracy.” Cack-headed and hilarious.

– by Soren Kierkegaard
Fear and Trembling
More philosophy, this time stuff I probably won’t agree with.

– by Mark C. Henrie
Doomed Bourgeois in Love: Essays on the Films of Whit Stillman
Investigations into the brain of one of my most trusted directors.

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