The continuing adventures of Oubai

Oubai Shahbandar doesn’t know how to make links. Seriously. When the ASU senior posts one of his frequent contributions to CampusNonsense, he inevitably links back to his group’s weblog, the Conservative Underground. No, he doesn’t link to the post. He links to the top of the damn weblog, so that if you went to CN today you’d have to scour Oubai’s site for this post. The crux of the “story” was a link to a UPI report on threats of violence by a single member of USCD’s branch of MEChA. Before I tear into Shahbandar’s stunningly bad analysis, here’s some background.

Oubai refers to himself as an “American Hero.” To be fair, the term isn’t his own. His majesty was handed down by Frontpage magazine in an article of October 5, 2001.

I read the article when it first appeared. Initially I just chuckled at the lead, with its claim that Oubai “takes the mud and eggs thrown at his face and turns them into an omelet.” (Who eats mud omelets?) But pressing on, I found myself at a loss to see what was so damn heroic about Shahbandar. From the eight grafs that Kabbany gave the incident, it seemed that his claim to fame was not getting impeached for name-calling during a student senate session. I failed to see how sinking to the level of ad hominem attacks helps persuade fellow students to the side of pro-American ideals. I still don’t see it. But Oubai devoured the attention from his scandals and adopted Horowitz’s media-grubbing tactics for his own, with one difference – he forgot to think.

In “The War is Here on Campus, Too,” an opinion Shahbandar wrote for Frontpage, he managed to syndicate a column that included no original analysis, no local interests, and no new information. He wrote:

Brain dead socialists who slept through the 20th Century while receiving their tenure at ASU and other academic institutions are zealous in their conviction that the modern American student should feel guilty for being American. They reflexively confer moral authority on terrorist monsters who are willing to kill thousands of innocents to bring down the symbols of American enterprise and power (aka imperialism and militarism to your average pathetic Marxist professor).

I think a lot of Shahbandar’s problems – by which I mean our problems with Shahbandar – started with that column. After winning fame and acclaim for the simple act of mouthing off, who wouldn’t try it again?

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