Kinsley, you ignorant slut

Sigh … what’s the point of Michael Kinsley’s latest blatherings about Bush and 9/11? The writer, obviously in a state of jittery, post-Sunday shows rage, dashed off one of the stupider pieces of satire I’ve read in some time. In it, he “reproduces” a letter from bin Laden to Bush boasting that al-Qaeda will hijack a plane on September 11, “or maybe September 12.” Hah, hah. The administration is stupid. Give this man a Pulitzer!

The worst bit comes in the middle:

The White House later clarified that President Bush had, in fact, responded to Bin Laden’s letter, but an official insisted that it was the stock response sent to all letters threatening to hijack airplanes and that there was no special policy applying to letters that also threatened to fly the planes into large buildings. “In fact,” the official said, “It’s the stock response we use for all letters from wealthy individuals.” The response said:

Dear Osama:

Thank you for your generous contribution to the Republican National Committee. With the help of Republicans in Congress, I look forward to signing the legislation you request exactly as you have written it.

Best wishes,
George W. Bush

That’s almost funny, but in echoing the Tom Tomorrow-, Boondocks-style “Bush=bin Laden” claptrap, it falls astoundingly flat. Slate has to do better than this.

Song of the Day: Hideaki Anno, “Kom, Susser Tod”

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