Long story short

People have trouble believing it, but I swear it’s all true.

The scene: Tuesday night. I clicked the phone back onto the reciever after an interview with former Daily editor Jeremy Mullman when I pivoted and realized my computer was freezing. Quickly I hit “save” on the word doc that contained my midterm, and I rebooted. But when the system blinked its eyes, the file was blank. Just blank. 6 pages of Constitutional Law disappeared from a still-active word doc. But didn’t I have a backup copy? Seconds later, I remembered: I had left the book at the gym with that copy inside.

I ranted and raved for minutes, trying everything on the pc, cursing and spitting, drawing harsh “shut the fuck up”s from my suitemates. Next I dialed my parents, but they couldn’t calm me. Holding the phone, jittering like false teeth, I dialed the number for Northwestern’s mental help line.

And based on that conversation, the police came to my door at 2 a.m. to escort me to the hospital.

More to come.

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