Ken Bode, superstar

Ken Bode used to be the Dean of Medill. Prior to that, he hosted Washington Week in Review (a.k.a my mom’s favorite show) with what a more verbose weblogger might call aplomb. Now he’s a professor at my beloved journalism school. On Saturday, I e-mailed him to ask for an interview.

Prof. Bode,

I’m Dave Weigel, a Medill student currently enrolled in Craig Vetter’s Magazine Writing course. For the purposes of that course, I would very much like to interview you whenever you have a certain amount of free time. The subject and format would be somewhat freewheeling, in the style of Playboy’s main interviews. If you’re able and it would work better, I’d be open to talking over lunch or some other break during the day.

Respond when you get a moment – whether you’re interested or not, I hope you have a fine Sunday.


Dave Weigel

In the morning, I got this reply:


A freewheeling interview in the style of Playboy where you can ask me anything you can think up? How can I pass up an opportunity like that? Easy. Sorry, but good luck. Ken Bode

Shock. Amazement. Eventual understanding. Hell, I did ask the guy for an interview of the sort that nearly shitcanned Jimmy Carter. But I think I liked life better when I didn’t know my former Dean thought I was a jackass.

Song of the Day: Freed/Lane, “How About You?” (as heard in The Fisher King)

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