So, Friday. Anyone who knows me should be able to guess why I’d mark it “interesting”. It’s on these days when all problems have mislaid their maps to my house, when I’m free and lazy and wile away days reading biographies, that black thoughts descend in a flood. What can possibly be haunting me? Not very much. Mostly I’m worried about my interview on Tuesday, the fifth interview I’ve ever had. They’ve gotten easier each time, and my sense of doubt while in the hot seat has diminished. But … well, it’s hard to elucidate in this medium exactly how worried I am. In my mind, success as a journalist is the key that’ll determine what kind of life I can have.
Ah, forget it. I’ve gotten just enough of this stuff out of my system. I can now watch Whoopi Goldberg and the movie industry in peace.

Song of the day: Paul McCartney, “With a Little Luck”

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