Very busy day in which I took on more responsibilities than I was able to handle. I managed to find this Forbes article positing that Japan’s recession will doom us all and I managed to read a lot and interview people even more. Hell, I even managed to call the editors of several magazines and check on the status of my internship quest (proceeding at a steady clip). But not much to weblog.


Before I descend into an underworld of reading and meetings, I offer you this more-enlightening-than-usual article from the New York Daily News on campus anti-war activity. Yes, activity – to call it a movement would be an insult to movements.

A few enlightening tidbits …

“For most, apparently, U.S. citizenship is not a badge of honor, but something to be embarrassed about during summer vacations in Europe.”

That’s a mighty effective smackdown of the bourgeois nature of most of those who have the time to be on the wrong side.

“Outlining the People for Peace philosophy to me, one member gave the example of a missile heading toward a densely populated American city. According to him, “If they [the city’s citizens] were a moral and enlightened people, they would wait patiently for death, encouraging a spirit of nonviolence.” Curiously, People for Peace has yet to condemn Afghan civilians who have fled U.S. missiles.”

And that’s just perfect. Jaime Snyder has provided a useful glimpse into the hatred that propels many of these people.


Josh came around yesterday to talk Chron. The impetus, oddly, was a conversation with Lauren Taiclet, a mid-level Daily and NYOU staffer and not exactly an expert on how to uplift a rising conservative weekly. But the suggestions were useful. Depending on when we make the shift, our extra 4 pages will be proportioned between ads, a two-page week in review section, a sports page, and more entertainment. News and features will be given more room, and every week we’ll have another investigative feature on the front page.

That’s the plan, at least. If it’s like most plans that I’ve had, it’ll happen soon.


Just got back from The African American Theater Ensemble’s production of All Roads Lead to Reparations. Maybe I just need to see more artistic expression and poetry, but it took me aback.

Wait, can you use “aback” in a positive sense? Pretend that you can.

The details of the performance will be revealed in an upcoming article, and I feel it would be giving the actors short shrift if I started summarizing the performance on this humble weblog. All I can say that they managed to intrigue a man who has David Horowitz’s number in his address book, and that’s quite a feat.


On further reflection, I remembered that yesterday was a strange time to take a Dutch holiday from weblogging. It was the day of St. Valentine, after all, and I had wrung both of my hands many a time about it in the days previous.

While I had maintained reservations at Luciano’s, the sudden withdrawal of my date, Laurel, forced me to ask a series of girls if they could make it. None of them turned it down for me, but all of them had other plans. So I played Wolfenstein and watched the Simpsons. It wasn’t up to much.


Apologies are due for my absence yesterday. I wasn’t doing much of anything, but the first 9-5 day in some time, coming as it did after Chron night, really winded me. The paper is on the stands now, and I’ll be back later today.